Los Angeles Times:

  • Los Angeles Times Columnist Robin Abcarian asks:

“Should the state embark on a decade-long, $250-million project to approximate what the wetlands might have looked like before humans desecrated them and nonnative species such as iceplant and mustard moved in?

Or should we make the best of what we have now? Burrowing owls seem to have accommodated themselves to the nonnative iceplant, after all, and one school of scientific thought holds that invasive species are not inherently destructive. Some, these scientists believe, can even be beneficial.”

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  • Letters to the Editor

Bulldozing parts of ballona is no way to restore the wetlands
“The Ballona Wetlands Land Trust will almost certainly challenge the state’s restoration plan in court because we believe that substantial evidence supports our concern that the project, as designed, could wreak havoc on existing wildlife habitat.”

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  • Los Angeles Times article describes “Coastal Disneyland project”

“Opponents fret that dozens of troubled species and much of their habitat would be sacrificed by restoration-related excavation. More than 2 million cubic yards of dredged or fill material would be re-positioned on the project site in order to create earthen levees around the northern perimeter of the area and north of Culver Boulevard…” 

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IDA news release:



August 10, 2020
Press Release: Lawsuit Filed to Stop Bulldozing of Ballona Wetlands

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